About Me

Today, I am 17 weeks old and as big as a turnip in Mommy’s tummy. Yes, I am about 5.5 inches long and weigh about 5 ounces. As Daddy would say, that’s the weight of a boneless chicken breast that Mommy is preparing for dinner.

I made great progress in terms of growing up and mastered a lot of skills. Besides twisting, kicking, rolling, and punching, I can yawn right now (I’m sleepy too!). Don’t worry, Mommy will not feel anything until a couple of weeks even though her tummy is my personal gym right now.

Another skill I am developing right now is hearing. Now, I only can hear the sound inside of Mommy’s body; in two weeks, I believe, I will be able to hear the sound from outside of my world (Mommy’s tummy). In order to train my hearing ability and make me more sensitive to the sound, Mommy starts listening to classical music because Daddy thinks this is a good music for me. Daddy doesn’t like baby music.

In about two weeks, Mommy and Daddy will know whether I am a boy or a girl. Even though Mommy keeps saying that she wants a girl, I am pretty sure she will love me just as much even though I turn out to be a boy. As for Daddy, he says he doesn’t have any preference, but I can tell Daddy wants me to be a boy because we can play together when I grow up.

Mommy and Daddy have started looking for “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” candy or gum, since Daddy wants to send them out as soon as they know on May 16th. Daddy, Mommy and I only hear you talking, but never see you really trying to look for it. It’s Mommy who googled online and figured out where to find such candy or gum. Party City, Target, Wal-Mart or even Babies “R” Us will be good choices to start with. Since such candy or gum are party things, so Mommy guesses any party supplies store will carry them.

About Mommy

Compared with me, there’s no big change about Mommy except that her tummy is growing (because of me). Now, Mommy has already passed the embarrassing period—her tummy started growing, but not big enough to tell she’s carrying me (if you don’t know). I bet some of her friends would think Mommy ate too much and she’s putting on the pounds. However, right now, everyone can tell Mommy is expecting and Mommy fits into the maternity clothes comfortably.

Mommy starts getting tired more easily. Since Mommy didn’t go through any morning sickness, Mommy’s pregnancy has been very smooth so far. Everyone thinks Mommy is crazy when she says, “I like my first trimester better than the second one. I didn’t feel anything for the first three months, but now I am always feeling tired.” Yes, it is so true for Mommy.

But……Everyone knows that the second trimester is considered the honeymoon of pregnancy because pretty much everyone goes through morning sickness for the first trimester and gets too big to move around during the third trimester. I guess Mommy feels more tired now also because of the comparison with her first trimester. Anyone going through morning sickness will feel much better when it goes away, so they will feel more comfortable even though they get tired as compared with morning sickness. For Mommy, being tired is her only symptom since pregnancy; of course, she’s more aware of it.

Mommy, see, I promised to be a good baby. I am keeping my promise and don’t cause you too much trouble. Daddy, you are so lucky that Mommy still cooks for you. Yesterday, Mommy told Daddy that, “When my friend was pregnant, she ‘enjoyed’ her husband’s cooking since he never cooks. But for me, I even don’t have such chance.” Haha……Mommy, believe me, you will not like Daddy’s cooking.