Some of my friends think that taking care of pets is such a piece of cake that you don’t have to really spend time and effort. We have two cats, so they may think that all our job will be giving them enough food and water and cleaning their kitty litter box every day. However, things don’t work out that way.

Cats are low-maintenance pets as compared with dogs since you will have to walk the dogs at least twice a day. For me, as a first-time pet owner, I think the work and effort in terms of taking care of cats are far more than just feeding them and cleaning the litter box. I guess this is also the reason why a lot of American couples decide to own a pet before they start the family, which is also our path. Taking care of pets is similar as taking care of babies, even though kind of easier.

This is our recent life with Roscoe:

Roscoe kept throwing up, so we took him to the vet (Roscoe’s Vet Visit). It turned out he has a food allergy, so we have to switch his food to some premium food—duck & sweet pea (limited ingredient will reduce the chance of his allergy). The new food does work, but it is kind of expensive, which costs almost as twice as regular cat food.

In order to reduce our expense on cat food, we feed Roscoe and Mushu separately. Mushu still eats the old food, since he’ll eat anything. In this way, we don’t leave any cat food out; instead, every time after we feed them both, we put away the food. Three o’clock in the morning, Roscoe gets hungry, starting making noise (not cat’s typical meow) and pawing the furniture. He knows it is useless to try to wake his Daddy up, so he keeps bugging me for food. Okay, in the middle of night, I have to get up and feed him.

Roscoe has Acne, so we had to take him to the vet. We had to feed him medication. It’s kind of a fight to feed him any medication. To begin with, he (together the Husband and I) struggled with it; later on, as soon as we got everything ready, Roscoe knew what was going to happen, so he wouldn’t get close to either one of us at all. See, such a smart boy!

In order to feed him his medication twice a day, I had to get up around 5:30 every morning. So that we (the Husband and I) could do this together before the Husband left for work. Getting up so early made me tired for the whole day. If I am not carrying Jr., 5:30 am is my regular time to get up everyday; however, right now, I need more sleep.

The Husband was holding him in a towel, which served as a cat bag; and I was trying to open his mouth and feed him medication.

Feeding Roscoe medication.

Sheesh……Roscoe made so much mess—his mouth was foaming everywhere. He looks like he had rabies and was foaming in the mouth. I had to use some warm paper towel to clean him.

Make a mess.

Finally, he finished all his medication. Now, starting from yesterday, I start cleaning his chin every day with wet and warm towel in order to keep that area clean.