It starts getting warmer and the Husband said it will get really hot during summer here in the East Bay. Anyways, this will be our first summer in the East Bay, so who knows what kind of hot weather we will get. The good thing is that Jr. doesn’t have to suffer from hot weather this year. When he’s born around October, it will be really nice weather—neither too cold nor too hot.

After lunch, the Husband was walking around the SF Financial District and told me it’s so nice to walk outside. I was debating whether I would like to go out for a walk as well because I don’t feel like changing my clothes. The Husband said, “Go out and get some sun.” Well, I guess I should take this good opportunity (really nice weather) and go out for a walk around our buildings, enjoying nature and the sun.

Yes, this is me. It’s not very clear because I have to use cellphone to take this picture.


I remember last time when we (the Husband and I) walked around our neighborhood (Spring Comes & My Nice Neighborhood), there were some flowers but not as blossoming as right now. Now, you really can see all the flowers are blossoming with all those different bright and nice colors.


The Husband was right this time. It’s so nice to walk around in such nice weather, especially in a nice neighborhood full of flowers and plants.