Mushu is so jealous when we do something with his brother Roscoe. Whenever we pat Roscoe or take pictures for Roscoe, Mushu would come to us and try to push Roscoe away.

Both Roscoe and Mushu love standing by the open window and enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes they even fight for the same window; however, Roscoe is such a generous brother, “Okay, Mushu, since you are my younger brother, I will let you go.” Then Roscoe starts looking for other open windows around the house—usually one of the kitchen windows. Recently, this is Mushu’s favorite spot during the day.

Mushu stands by the window.

Mushu is crazy about birds too. Whenever he sees or hears birds nearby, he would stand up and try to find the birds. I bet if we let him out, he will chase after and catch the birds for his delicious meals (kind of being tired of cat food with the same flavor everyday). The Husband said it seems Mushu is opening the window.

Try to catch the bird.

Well, this is the moment that I want to take a picture of Roscoe’s yoga pose, then Mushu comes into my camera view and gets close to Roscoe. I am not sure whether Mushu wants to start a fight with Roscoe or he just wants to play with Roscoe.

Roscoe & Mushu