Today is Roscoe’s anniversary. Roscoe joined our family on April 25, 2010. I guess you’ve already figured it out—today is the second anniversary for us adopting Roscoe.

Roscoe is a good boy, but constantly wants attention from either the Husband or me. Actually, Roscoe is my boy too. Whenever I come home, Roscoe would wait for me and go upstairs with me; however, whenever the Husband comes home or is at home, Roscoe just ignores him unless Roscoe is hungry and wants food.

The lazy boy.

Roscoe really likes following me around everywhere in the house. Even when I was studying, he would like staying with me, kind of saying, “Mommy, let’s study the University Calculus together.”

Roscoe Studies University Calculus.

I took this picture when it was still cold. On a weekend afternoon, the Husband was watching TV and noticed Roscoe was kind of cold; therefore, the Husband wrapped Roscoe in a red blanket. Sure enough! Roscoe felt really comfortable when he’s warm. He slept in the red blanket for the whole afternoon.

Roscoe wrapped in blanket.

Whenever we told our friends that Roscoe is an 18-pound boy, they would comment that, “Wow, he must be a fat boy.” No, it’s not true. 18 pounds is Roscoe’s normal weight. You see how long he is, then you will know Roscoe is not fat at all—he’s just a big cat.

Roscoe is trying to look outside.