Eating Carrot

The Husband was so funny when he wanted something. I packed some baby carrots as snacks with us along the trip. The Husband usually doesn’t touch carrots at all, but this time, he ate a lot of my carrots. The Husband wanted a Starbucks mocha a lot for the whole trip, but I promised to make him one when we got home. Whenever the Husband saw a Starbucks while driving, he would say, “Mmmmmm………Staaaaaarbucks”, kind of reminding me that he really wanted a mocha.

Well, I think this is the time for me to use some trick to make him eat carrots. I told him that, “If you finish all my carrots, I will get you a Starbucks mocha.” Sure enough! The Husband replied without any hesitation, “Sure! I will finish them.” Then he started eating the carrots really quick, even three or four carrots at the same time. Sigh……if there’s no Starbucks mocha as motivation, there’s no way I can get him to eat vegetables.

Being Navigated

The other day I decided to meet the Husband at his work and we would walk around in SF downtown together. I got there 30 minutes earlier, so I went to Hyatt at Embarcadero and waited for him there. The Hyatt at Embarcadero is our favorite place to take a break or even use the bathroom, since the only public bathroom in SF downtown is one you have to pay for and on top of that there are homeless camped around them.

The Husband got off and showed up while I was sitting comfortably at a small corner in the hotel lobby. I could see the Husband clearly when he walked in the lobby, but he had no clue where I was; therefore, I decided to play around with him a little bit. I sat there and used text messages to navigate the Husband to find me:

“Turn right.”

“Yes, make a circle around that ball in the center.”


“U turn.”

Well, at this point, the Husband realized that I was at some vantage point and could see him. He texted me, “Are you just having me stupid stuff?”

My navigation continued:

“Go stand in front of that ball.”

“Don’t move.” The Husband kept moving around, so I had to make him stay at one spot before I gave out another direction.

“Turn right. Go straight.”

“Keep walking.”

After wandering around in the lobby for a couple of minutes, finally the Husband saw me. Both of us were laughing with each other.