Poor Baby

Today we took our cat, Roscoe, to the vet because of various cysts that were under his mouth. He still is energetic and eats, but I can tell that he was having discomfort in his jaw because usually when he’s over-stimulated, he loves to bite me (a lot). He’s been avoiding biting me as much as possible, so we needed to get him checked out at the vet.

Turned out that our cat has a bad case of acne so the vet popped a good deal of his zits (more disgusting than human zits) and there ended up being a lot of blood. Cat acne is actually worse than human acne because it is also similar to having splinters embedded in your skin. After the vet got done, Roscoe’s underside of his jaw looked more like he got cut up and bloodied.

Roscoe was not a happy camper. First, he meowed and cried all the way to the vet (he knew where he was going, but pets seem to know that), was seriously stressed out from the two dogs that wanted to be friends, and didn’t care for the vet popping his zits (Roscoe tried to bite him twice).

When we got home we gave him some antibiotics to control the acne, but we’ll have to give it to him twice a day for the next week or so. The vet (and myself) think that Roscoe’s acne will probably be a recurring problem.

Poor Roscoe.

Hiding underneath the chairs.