Today, Mommy and Daddy rearranged their living room. Actually, this is the biggest room in their house. Originally the living room, but Mommy and Daddy decided it will be my play area when I am born and get older. In this way, 1) Mommy still can keep an eye on me while she’s cooking in the kitchen; 2) I will have a large area to play and learn crawling or walking later on.

See, this is what they did. Mommy asked Daddy to haul her big iMac to the living room; therefore, Mommy can still work at her computer while I am taking a nap or playing by myself. To begin with, Mommy and Daddy were planning on buying another desk for Mommy’s computer; however, Mommy decided to use the dinning table instead because she doesn’t want so much furniture in the house and wants to give me as much room as possible.

Dinning table with iMac at the cover.

By the way, Mommy and Daddy never eat at dining table because they have a big kitchen island. They only used the dinning table once since they moved in; therefore, it’s perfectly fine that Mommy uses it as her desk.

From here, you can tell how big the area I will get. Thank you, Mommy and Daddy. This will be my future kingdom, but right now I guess it’s my brothers’ (Roscoe & Mushu) play area. Please ignore those boxes in the picture. They are my brothers’ toys because both of them love boxes. Daddy brings home new boxes for them periodically after they tear the old ones up.

Large kids play area.

It seems my brothers are confused with what Mommy and Daddy did. They are wondering, “Why do we have so much empty space?” When Mommy and Daddy came back from shopping, Mommy did tell Daddy that, “Now the living room is empty. It seems we get ready to move.”

Roscoe & Mushu are confused.

Yes, Mommy and Daddy are doing everything for me. They even went to the library and checked out some soft and gentle music for me since I will be able to hear when I am five months old.