Today is really hot and the highest temperature reached almost 90 degrees (over 32 in Celsius). I know this is considered cool weather in Beijing during summer; however, here in SF Bay Area, it is not very common to get such high temperatures in the Peninsula (where the Husband and myself have mostly lived). Maybe the Husband would say, “Now, we are living at East Bay, so expect more of these hot days during summer.”

Even though it is so hot today, we still had hotpot as our original plan. It is really like the kind in Sichuan Province, China. No matter how hot the weather is, people there still like eating hotpot. Everyone sweats a lot while eating the hotpot during summer.

Both the Husband and I like hotpot. When we were on our China Trip back in 2010, whenever my friends asked the Husband what he would like for dinner or lunch, he would tell my friends hotpot without even thinking. Totally we had it four times of hotpot while we were in China. Here’s what the Husband would say about his experience of eating hotpot in China:

“I liked all four restaurants that served hotpot; however, my favorite was the restaurants that offered the most traditional and rustic experience. Literally we went to one restaurant that served hotpot in a clay towering pot and was a real hole-in-the-wall place. I’ve been to classy restaurants in China before, but we always go to those. I like the places that are completely out of the way the best.”

Today, I made the beef base hotpot. Usually, we would have chicken base hotpot. Instead of buying base from grocery store, I made our base from scratch, so our hotpot is completely home-made.

Another cool thing for today’s hotpot was that we bought the beef from Safeway and asked them to slice it really thin. It turns out it is as good as what we usually got from 99 Ranch Market. In this way, 1) It’s much cheaper than buy hotpot meat from 99 Ranch Market; 2) We can pick up the kind of beef we like (fat or lean); 3) The quality is much better and we don’t have to worry about any food safety issues (after all, it’s fresh beef).

However, the bad thing for us to have hotpot is that leftover is always much more than what we finished. We would like variety of food for the hotpot. Even though we just prepare for everything a little bit, it would turn out a lot for just both of us. But……we saved everything that we didn’t finished, so we didn’t waste food.