My experience with Apple Service is always agreeable and with a happy ending; however, the experience with Adobe is not that happy. Is this really because I paid for the Apple Care but just bought the Adobe product with no extra money on the customer support?

As I blogged in Annoying & Annoying, my Adobe Acrobat keeps crashing whenever I launch it. If I try to reinstall it (even though completely uninstall first), I still get an error message that “Acrobat X Pro is uninstalled”. Therefore, we (the Husband and I) decided to contact the Adobe customer service.

Well, our and my experience is kind of time-consuming (or probably I should say wasting time).

Wednesday Evening (The Day Before)

We wasted two hours on the phone, waiting for the next available representative. As Adobe Customer Support webpage says, “To avoid waiting on hold, request a callback from the first available agent.” Yes, we did so and they did give us a callback, but from a computer system. Still, we were put on hold for waiting.

Two hours passed and no one talked to us at all, then the Husband suggested maybe the live chat function on their webpage would be better. I decided to give it a try the next day (Thursday morning).

Thursday Morning (Yesterday)

Since I don’t have classes on Thursday morning, I told myself that I would spend the whole morning to deal with it. Totally, I went though five of their technical representatives, but none of them solved my problem.

The first one—He did some updater testing on my computer and software, then asked me to reinstall the software as he thought it would work in this case. However, the Acrobat doesn’t work at all and also I lost the connection with this representative because I was forced to quit all Safari windows while installing.

The second one—The method he used was creating a new administrator user on my iMac, then installing the Acrobat under that new account. Still, same thing happened—lost connection with him and Acrobat still doesn’t work.

The third one—Oh well, maybe I should count him. As soon as we started talking via live chatting and he got an idea on what my problem was, we lost connection (I guess it’s on his side).

The fourth one—This guy was kind of completely useless. He did some configuration in my Application folder (such as Acrobat under Library), but nothing happened. Then he told me that I had to create a new administrator user account and reinstall the software under the new account, exactly the same as the second technician told me. I told him that we tried that method but didn’t work at all; however, he insisted that I had to do what he told me, which was kind of pointless and useless.

At this point, I almost gave up, but after a quick lunch, I decided to give myself another try. If I was lucky enough, maybe someone would solve my problem.

The fifth one—This guy did something cool. He helped me check some different files, then he decided to use the Adobe Connect to have a remote access to my computer; so that he could get a better idea on what’s going on. Still, nothing happened and I had to leave for my classes.

From here, I saw a little bit hope that someone was able to solve my problem and make my Acrobat function well again. I decided to “invest” the whole morning of tomorrow to work on this issue by chatting with their technicians.

Friday Morning (Today)

Early in the morning after breakfast, I sat in front of the computer again, starting with my busy chatting. This would be the sixth and seventh technical representative I talked to.

The six one—He did the same thing as the fifth representative in terms of remote access to my computer. This time, he used the Cleaner Tool to completely uninstall my Adobe-related product and asked me to reinstall the whole design suite again. He thought this would solve the problem, but not at all.

At this point, my patience almost runs out. I am really tired of trying this and trying that, but nothing works. So I contacted the seventh representative to ask for a refund.

The seventh one—The good thing for him was that he didn’t ask me to try different method; instead he told me I’ve almost done all the performances. Since he already knew all the problems, I don’t have to waste time explaining anything and asked for a refund directly. Unfortunately, they only issue refund within 30 days when I purchase the product. It seems that I am not going to get my money back. So I asked for an exchange for a product. He told me that he could not say yes or no on this issue, but a senior agent is supposed to contact me later on today via email and this senior agent will give me appropriate information.

Okay, right now, I am waiting for the email from this senior agent and his “appropriate information”.