Even though our 5th Anniversary is still two months away, we’ve already had our idea on how to celebrate it. We may spend some good $$$ staying at a nice hotel in Monterey, maybe the Intercontinental Hotel, or maybe the Spindrift Inn for one night (probably the night of the June 16th).

This will be our last anniversary before Jr. is born. In another word, this will be the last anniversary for just both of us; therefore, we decided to really celebrate it.

Now you may think that we’re going to feel like children are going to put us through “prison”, but the Husband and I both know that with kids come, lifestyle changes. We’ve been reading, going to classes, and googling, so we’re aware. We have no illusions and still looking forward to it.

Our tentative plan is that leaving early in the morning, getting to Monterey around lunch time, checking in a nice hotel, spending the afternoon at Cannery Row, having a nice and romantic dinner, then enjoying the room for that night. If we have time, we will go to the Aquarium as well. We are heading our way back home the following morning.

Our poor boys (Roscoe & Mushu), will have to stay at home by yourselves for the night, but we will set out enough food and water for you.